Half Way There

So today on top of exercising, visiting the laundromat (blank stare encounter!), calling my dad for father’s day, visiting the pharmacy and partially functioning ATM, seeing Man of Steel (which I am very divided on), closing down my book blog for good, I managed to hit the halfway mark on LD2, the novel that has been taking up most of my time this year.

And the really exciting thing about this? I managed to hit the halfway mark on my second draft.

You see, I write a grand total of four drafts. There’s the rough draft/word vomit phase, where the emphasis is all on just getting the story on paper. Then the first draft arrives, where I address the glaring errors of the rough draft such as characters that appear our of nowhere, events that are referenced that never actually happened, and characters/places that go through three different names throughout the book. I’ll try to fix the painfully bad writing I come across, but I don’t get too caught up on word choice. That’s the focus of the second draft. LD2 actually had a weird proto-draft thing going on as well, but that’s a story for another day.

I hope to have this draft finished up mid-fall so I can ask my awesome trio of first readers to take a look at it before the Christmas/Holiday season consumes their spare free time. Then all I have to do is take their considerations into account for the book’s third and final draft.

So finishing the second draft is a really big deal. Finishing the second draft is where I see that light at the end of the tunnel and begin to run for it.

I hope that having a completed second novel (it is, after all, the sequel to Lady of Darkwood, which I’m trying to get published) will make agents and publishers more likely to want to give my work a glance, as it will prove that the first novel wasn’t just a fluke. If not… aw hell maybe I’ll just self publish them to see if there’s any interest at all out there.

But that’s look way too far ahead. For now, I’ll just focus on the second draft. The second half of the second draft I mean 🙂


2 thoughts on “Half Way There

  1. Calico

    Just commented on the book blog, but I am sorry to see it go, even though I totally get it, for obvious reasons. I’m really enjoying this new blog of yours though, so keep it up!

    And congrats on reaching the halfway point!


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