My Current Projects

I’ve had this blog for almost a month now, and just realized that while I’ve talked about writing, I’ve never talked specifically about what I’m actually working on. So here’s a list of my current projects. This doesn’t count half finished manuscripts that are sitting on my computer, stories too flawed to ever see the light of day, or projects that are of weird lengths that I can’t seem to find homes for right now. All of the titles are more are less working titles. I like them, but who knows what might end up changing.


Rough Draft Phase

Gretel the Heartless- This is the short story with the adolescent protagonist that I mentioned in this post about voice. This is a modern day retelling of Hansel and Gretel, from the perspective of Gretel. I’ve always found Hansel and Gretel to be a shockingly dark story for a popular fairy tale (hello! Threat of cannibalism! Parental abandonment!), so I’ve stuck pretty close to the original in my attempts to write a dark fantasy story. No bread crumbs though. This should finish off at just under 6000 words.


Revision Phase

LD2– This is the sequel to Lady of Darkwood (see below), a young adult fantasy novel born out of my adolescent feeling of powerlessness. In this sequel, much as changed for our heroine, Lya Darkwood, who finds herself overwhelmed with new responsibilities. This novel has been my biggest project of the year. I’m about halfway through the second draft (having completed the first draft earlier in the year, and the rough draft for NaNoWriMo in November), and I think it’s shaping up quite nicely. It should clock in between 70,000-75,000 words. My goal is to have it finished by November.


Submission Phase

Lady of DarkwoodLady of Darkwood takes a fifteen-year-old-apprentice mage named Lya Darkwood, and thrusts her into the cut throat world of politics where everyone has a secret. So far, I’ve queried two agents on this one (the two that didn’t require a synopsis), and hope to query a third once I have a synopsis written up. This book stands comfortably at 60,000 words. 

The Fox- The other short story mentioned in my recent post about voice, where I take an urban fantasy style heroine and place her in a traditional fantasy world. Vi is the avatar for The Fox god. Her super human gifts of stealth, speed and crafty nature have made her an in demand thief, spy and occasional assassin. Her latest job will bring her face to face with something she cannot combat: her past. This is a longer short story of about 7500 words and I’m currently trying to find a home for it.

The Brightest Shade of Gray- My take on the concept of the wicked witch in the woods. This short story has been submitted to an anthology with a rather lengthy reading period so I won’t know about its fate for a long time. This is the shortest of my short fiction at under 4500 words 

The Dragon Slayer’s Assistant– A fun, fast paced story that takes place in the same universe as my Lady of Darkwood series, but tackles an area that those books don’t have the space to cover: dragons. This has been submitted to the same anthology with the lengthy reading period. They mentioned in their description that they were going for variety, so I sent them two wildly different stories. This story sits at around 5500 words


So that’s what’s taking up my time lately. What about you?

5 thoughts on “My Current Projects

  1. You’re on the right track, just keep producing and something will be a hit somewhere.

    Right now I have just finished re-writes on Spirit Island, the Horror feature Screenplay, I’m working on re-writes for my sci-fi pilot Mission:Thanatos. I have the second manuscript of my children’s book series started, only about two pages in and finally I started a Young Adult Novel myself that centers on Faeries and their interaction with the modern world.

    I’m sure I have other stuff percolating, but these are the ones that leap to mind.

    • Reading about your projects makes me feel like I need to branch out to other formats, despite the fact that I know that script writing will never be my thing.

      Good luck with the faerie novel. I’ve always had a soft spot for them, but have always shied away from writing about them myself. They’re such a strong presence in urban fantasy that I’d worry about not being able to put my own stamp on them.

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