Sweating Through the Weekend

As mentioned in my previous post, I had a pretty busy weekend. I went to work on Saturday, then came home and ate dinner. Once we were packed, Tanner and I drove to southern Maine for a quick visit with my family, spent the night at their vacation home, and then continued down to Massachusetts the following morning for a meeting with the minister about our upcoming wedding. Once this was done, we had a late lunch, and then drove back up to Central Maine. This resulted in about five hours behind the wheel of a car during a 24-hour time period. This would have been mostly manageable had it not been 90+ degrees out the entire time, and my car AC had been functioning properly.

You see, that’s the thing about thirteen year old cars. If you have a good quality vehicle, it’s going to run just fine, but eventually you get to a point where the rest of it begins to fall apart around you. My CD player hasn’t worked for a couple years now, and neither has the tape deck. The driver’s side window can go all the way down, but they journey up is more problematic. The little plastic shield thing over the sun roof is cracked and will probably fall off sometime within the next month. And of course there’s the dent on the driver’s side which remains as a constant reminder of how dangerous pothole season can be.

These things are all pretty cosmetic, so I don’t let them get to me (although the window problem makes drive through ATMs interesting), but I might have to actually pony up and take care of the AC. I’ve been told that you can get it charged and it’s not all that expensive, although it doesn’t always last. Hopefully, that will do the trick. That and they won’t find anything else wrong with The Civic when I bring it in. One of the benefits of older cars is they don’t come with car payments. Unfortunately, every trip to the mechanic usually results in something ELSE needing fixing.


2 thoughts on “Sweating Through the Weekend

  1. Calico

    Just keep an eye on what you’re fixing and how much it’s costing and how often such fixes occur. My first car added up to the point of diminishing returns rather quickly, in which it would be cheaper just to get a new vehicle than to continue to fix the one I had. My second car started hitting that point where every time I took it in for service, SOMETHING had to be fixed, and when the AC went out it in, I traded it in for my current car. Knock on wood, we’re doing well. Save for that weird start up issue a month or so ago.

    That being said, trading in is all well and good when you’ve got the money to do so, or are able to finance in a way that doesn’t hurt. But I always advise people to be aware of how much they’re putting into their vehicles, because there does come a point where you gotta make a change. Hopefully, for you, that change won’t come any time soon.

    Still though, no AC? Ugh.

    1. nancyotoole Post author

      “Hopefully, for you, that change won’t come any time soon.”

      Ooh boy I hope so because I do not have the money right now for another car.

      As for the AC, fortunately it hasn’t been as warm the last few days so I’ve been fine. To bad that’s not going to last much longer….


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