Recommended Resources: Short Story Markets

So in my quest to get some of my short fiction published, I’m come across some great short story resources that I’d like to share.

The first one I came across is actually a blog put out by Angela Benedetti. Once a month she posts a list of all of the anthologies actively looking for stories when it comes to speculative fiction. The post includes the submission guidelines for every market as well as a link to their website. It’s very handy and certainly worth subscribing to her RSS feed. This is a great resource in particular if you’re specifically looking to publish in an anthology.

The second resource that I’ve recently discovered is, which lists pretty much ALL THE MARKETS for speculative fiction, including anthologies and periodicals. It’s helpful to know some of the terminology before going into the sight (such as what are pro and semi pro rates), but it’s relatively easy to navigate. Their listings are pretty bare bones, but they tell you the basics of what you need to know and provide a link so you can read the market’s full submission guidelines. They update this website pretty frequently so it’s worth checking out on a regular basis. 

Another bonus to these resources is if you like reading short stories (if you write them, of course you like reading them!) is it lets you know where you can find a lot of great short fiction on the web, and forthcoming in print.


2 thoughts on “Recommended Resources: Short Story Markets

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