First Rejection

So my writing goals for 2013 can be broken into two categories: write more, and get my completed work out there. While I’ve certainly accomplished the first (having dedicated over 150 hours into writing and editing so far this year), the second one has been a bit more challenging. It’s one thing to type and tinker with page after page of writing and read it aloud to your cat.* It’s another to let it loose into the big wide world. Still, I have made some efforts. I’ve queried two agents about a finished novel, and submitted three short stories for anthologies. Then this past weekend, I received my first rejection letter.

I suppose as far as rejections go, it was a pretty good one. The e-mail basically told me that they liked the story, but it didn’t quite fit what they were looking for. This really drives home that quality of writing isn’t the only thing that can trigger a rejection letter. I can imagine, from the anthologies I’ve read, that finding just that right balance between stories can be a tricky process. If your story doesn’t fit in (maybe they don’t like the way you interpreted the theme of the anthology, or tonally it just doesn’t mesh with the whole), then it’s just not going to make it. Getting this letter made me a little sad, but it gives me hope that this story will be able to find life elsewhere (it also helped that the editor delivered the news very professionally). 

Still waiting to hear back on the other two stories, which I actually submitted to the same anthology. They’re not supposed to get back to people until August. Until then, it looks like I need to find some new markets.

*Yes I have Beta readers too

6 thoughts on “First Rejection

    • It depends, are we counting the boy that turned me down for junior prom?

      In all seriousness, yes. This is the first time I’ve sent out my writing to be published and it’s been rejected.

      • I haven’t had an official rejection for my novel (I haven’t really sent it out, in truth), but I’ve gotten quite a few rejections on a short story. Such is the life! 🙂

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