Wedding Dress Acquired!

I am NOT a girly person.

I don’t own a single hair care product, unless you count shampoo and conditioner (and I only buy what’s on sale). My version of makeup is tinted sunscreen. Wearing high heels is both a physical impossibility and an intellectual challenge to me. Look into my closet and you will find very few frilly things and, until yesterday, a grand total of one dress.

It’s not that I feel that being girly is necessarily a bad thing. I like cute clothes as much as the next person, and putting together outfits can be a great form of self expression. It’s just not something that I do all that well. This is why yesterday’s trip to David’s Bridal was a challenge to me. Because on the girly scale, going wedding shopping is pretty high on the list. And although the trip was intimidating, it was ultimately a positive one. After all, I came out of the situation with a dress, and knowledge to pass on to other people that prefer to spend their times with books rather than dresses.

Lesson #1- Wedding dress shopping will probably involve you spending time in a cramped dressing room with a Swedish woman named Olga who will immediately tell you to take off Β “all of your tops.” Don’t be intimated by this. Olga is your life line. Olga knows what types of dresses will fit your body type/skin tone the best and she knows where all of those can be found in the shop. Olga will also shower you compliments on your figure, your bone structure, and your corpse-like skin. By the end of the trip, Olga will be your new best friend, and you’ll be a little sad to leave her behind.

Lesson #2- Wedding dress shopping is about more than just wedding dresses. For one thing, the $15 bra you got at JC Penny is not going to work with that strapless gown, so be prepared to add some sort of slightly binding undergarment thing to the list. Olga will also place veils/tiaras/headbands on your heads and necklaces around your neck. Don’t feel pressured to buy these things unless you want to. If Olga is as awesome as she seems, she’ll be perfectly okay with it. Just make sure you check the price tag first because everything is going to cost three times what you’d expect it to.

Lesson #3- Wedding dress shopping is fricken time consuming! My usual shopping experience includes heading to my favorite consignment store, trying out a bunch of cute things, and getting out in well under forty-five minutes with several items for the low, low price of $25. I was in David’s Bridal for OVER TWO HOURS. And much of this time was spent in those challenging high heels I mentioned before.

Lesson #4- Wedding dress shopping is a team sport. Even with Olga on your side, the experience can be VERY overwhelming. So bring along someone (or someones) who loves you enough to sit around for two hours while you walk the awkward bridal runway. I brought my mom, and she was able to help me out on a few decisions that were just too much for me at the moment. On the other hand, please do not bring your entire family, including your several younger male cousins/brothers who will, without a doubt, spend the entire time playing ninjago pokemon power rangers or whatever.

Lesson #5- You don’t have to buy a traditional wedding gown. I am so pale, that wearing a bathing suit to the beach isn’t a viable option for me. So instead of a white gown, I found an ivory one. I get cold really easily, so I got this little sheer jacket thingy so I won’t be slipping my Harry Potter sweatshirt over my gown mid ceremony. There are a lot of styles available. I even tried on a short dress that was really nice, just not wedding worthy. You don’t need to wear a monstrous poofy thing unless you think you’re going to rock the monstrous poofy look.

So that was my wedding dress buying experience! I really like the one I ended up with, even though it’s not what I thought I would end up with.


6 thoughts on “Wedding Dress Acquired!

  1. Calico

    Weirdly, I thought I’d subscribed but I hadn’t, so I’m just now seeing your latest entries. Sorry about that.

    But your dress sounds wonderful! I hope to see pictures of it one day.

    I never had a wedding dress. I had a wedding sweater that I wore with jeans. There’s a part of me that’d like to do a more formal ceremony for vow renewal or something and get a dress then, but then there’s the part of me that can’t justify the expense.

    I’m glad you’re able to have one!

    1. nancyotoole Post author

      Thanks! I’ll probably end up posting pictures post wedding, just in case Tanner ends up seeing it in this blog. He’s not superstitious, but he wants to be surprised.

      I know people who have done really casual weddings (or no ceremony at all) and have been happy with them. On the other hand, I’ve seen people that have gone crazy and spent a brand new car’s worth of money on their wedding. Tanner and I are looking for a happy medium, which can be a little tricky. We want people to have a nice time, but the money’s better spent on a down payment on a house or something, you know?

      1. Calico

        Understand the need for surprise! However, if you wanted to email me some pics, I wouldn’t say no… πŸ˜‰

        But wedding pictures are a must! πŸ™‚

        I hear you on the money. Money was the main reason we didn’t do anything elaborate. Really, we couldn’t afford it. That’s not a bad thing, considering the money’s gone to better causes, and frankly, my family really couldn’t have traveled for the kind of wedding I wanted and I didn’t want a traditional church wedding, so what we did was appropriate.

        Still, it would’ve been nice to get all dressed up and pretty. I was super-high-maintenance in high school, and I still love getting girly. πŸ™‚ I just never have an excuse anymore. πŸ™‚

      2. nancyotoole Post author

        Haha. Well maybe I’ll break out my crappy cellphone camera when the sun decides to come out and Tanner’s not in the apartment then. It’s actually not a bad idea, since the bridesmaids dresses will need to sort of go along with it, and I want their feedback on that.

        Money is the reason why we’re getting married now, as opposed to five years ago. It’s a good thing we’re patient folk.

        And I had a roommate that was super-high maintenance once. It gave me a whole new respect for her Disney-Princess level awesomely shiny hair.

      3. Calico

        Yeah, my hubby and I? Got married on our ten-year dating anniversary. πŸ™‚ We’re coming up on year 15 together on 12/30. πŸ™‚

        And speaking of Disney Princesses, I researched and found out that you could not only get married at Disney World/Land, BUT ALSO there’s a line of Disney Princess Wedding Dresses! I would kill to have one of those!

      4. nancyotoole Post author

        Woo! Tanner and I are coming up on ten years in September. We know people that have started dating, gotten married, AND divorced and started seeing other people in the time we’ve been engaged alone.

        I’ve heard about those Disney weddings. I suspect that they would do a really good job.

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