Juggling Short Stories and Novels

So I had a pretty productive week, writing wise, managing to squish in ten and a half hours worth of writing (which is over my goal of an hour a day!). No need to get too excited over this one, as next week I will be working some overtime, which means that I will most certainty come up short for the week. Looks like it all balances itself out.

I spent the majority of the week editing LD2, the sequel to the novel I’m trying to get published right now. On top of that I’ve queried another agent, and submitted another short story to an upcoming anthology.

Told you it was a productive week.

This week has really reminded me that juggling multiple writing projects it somewhat of a challenge for me still. Switching from the third-person-limited/past tense perspective of the novel to the first-person present tense POV of the short story is a bit jarring, especially given the fact that the short story has a dramatically different voice. Due to this challenge, I think I’ll be putting all of my effort into editing LD2 for the next few weeks. That is, of course, unless something jumps out at me.

WordPress has been nice enough to let me know that this blog has four followers and sixteen visitors since my first post a week ago. If any of you happen to be working on a project or projects (writing a novel? Creating a work of art? Competitive underwater basketweaving?) over the past week, how did they go? Also if any of you nice visitors would like to follow my blog posts by e-mail, the option can be found on the left hand column.

And now the busy week begins…


6 thoughts on “Juggling Short Stories and Novels

  1. amberskyef

    Well, I’m trying to write a chapter a day in my current project, but between doing my part-time job and completing tasks my contract manager has laid out for me (like seeking reviewers for quotes and/or reviews and stuff for my book), I’ve sometimes had to sacrifice the writing. But I am a little over halfway through the draft and am determined to finish it the week after next. Have fun with the busy week! I can’t stand down time.

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  3. Calico

    I’ve completed stalled on Space Vampires, but at least I didn’t get very far until I realized that my initial set-up was far more complex than necessary. So I get to re-do what I did, but that’s okay.

    Right now I’m waiting on feedback for Telepathic Soulmates, my SF thesis novel, so I can start revisions and fine-tuning in earnest before I go agent-shopping.

    Keep us posted on your own hunt!

    1. nancyotoole Post author

      I know that calling a book Space Vampires probably makes it unsellable (unless it’s secretly a sci-fi comedy, or a Chose Your own Adventure book), but I will be VERY sad when it get’s it’s official title.

      And good luck with those revisions on Telepathic Soulmates.

      1. Calico

        Space Vampires actually has a rather compelling title, but I’m rather biased. 🙂

        And thanks!

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