Hey guys, starting a blog is hard!

This may sound strange to you if you’ve found your way here through my book blog, which I’ve been keeping up for a few years now, but the idea of writing an entry that has nothing to do with my recent reading (or movie watching) is kind of daunting. I know that I want to use this entry as a way to introduce myself, and explain the purpose of this blog, but I’ll be damned if I this isn’t the eighth time I’ve started this post and every effort seems to get worse and worse. So please excuse me if this first step ends up a little clunky and awkward, but there are few things in life more terrifying than a blank page.

Let me keep this simple. For those of you who don’t known me, my name is Nancy. More than anything else, I love a good story. I am especially drawn towards the fantastic: fantasy, science fiction, the paranormal, fairy tales, or anything that will transport me to another world that’s not quite like our own. I consume most of these stories through reading books, as well as more visual mediums, but I also like to write my own. In fact, I can’t think of a single time in my life when I haven’t been coming up with ideas and writing them down.

Unfortunately, if there’s one thing more terrifying that a blank page, it’s facing down that rejection monster.

So despite the fact that I’ve listed “become a published writer” under the “what do you want to be when you grow up” column since I was thirteen years old, more than half a lifetime ago, I’ve never really had the guts to submit my work to anything more official looking than my high school’s literary magazine (my college one came in BOOK format, not just a bunch of nice looking pages stapled together, so that was out of the picture). That is, until this year.

As someone who functions best with goals (quantifiable, easy to measure goals), I made three of them around new years in relation to writing: get my novel published, get a short story published, and write (almost) every day. Flash forward to the present and I’ve done surprisingly well. I’ve submitted two stories to an exciting looking anthology (no word on this one yet), and I’ve even queried an agent for a novel I finished last year (no word on this one either. The Waiting Game may not be as terrifying as The Rejection Monster, but he’s up there). And I’ve written almost every day, taking two or three days off a month during those crazy-busy times.

Now that I’m being all productive, I’ve found that I wan to talk to people about my experiences. And in the interest of letting my poor fiance off the hook every now and then, I’ve decided to set up a blog to talk about writing, I do plan on doing some more personal updates as well, just in case anyone is interesting in what’s going on in the wild, wild life of Nancy the librarian. And if I do end up making some sort of sale, it might be good idea to have a nice place where I can announce it.

I plan on updating this blog at least once a weekend, covering my progress (or lack there of) for the previous week. If you’re working on a writing project, or any other creative project (although non creative works too. Hell if you want to tell me about your quest to do 100 pull ups, I’m open and might require video evidence as proof, cause that’s insane), I’d be curious to hear about that too. So much of the journey is just about moving forward. There’s nothing more natural in life than to procrastinate. It may seem like a no big deal for a day or two, but those days eventually add up. Before you know it, fourteen years have gone by and you still haven’t become who you want to be when you grow up (although I do honestly love my current job as a librarian).

If that sounds appealing to you, I hope you stick around. We can tackle our Rejection Monsters together!


10 thoughts on “Hey guys, starting a blog is hard!

  1. Calico

    As you’re experimenting with Word Press, be sure to add the widget that allows readers to enter their email addys to subscribe to your blog. This way, when you post, the entry is delivered to their inbox and they don’t miss a word!

    Welcome to WordPress! Can’t wait to see what you do here. 🙂

      1. Calico

        Yes, one other: you’ll notice with every comment, there’s a checkbox to allow users to get follow-up comments via email. You may also find an option that allows users to subscribe to future posts as well (the comments on my WP blogs are set up this way as well). 🙂

      2. Calico

        Actually, the checkbox I’m referring to should be in your comment preferences on your dashboard. 🙂

      3. Calico

        Go to your Dashboard.

        On the left hand side of the page, there’s a list of options. Select Settings.

        Under Settings, select Discussion.

        Scroll down, and right above the “Avatar” info, there should be two options: one to “Show a ‘follow comments” option in the comment form” and one to “Show a ‘follow blog’ option in the comment form”

        I suggest checking both. 😉

      4. nancyotoole Post author

        THANK YOU! For some reason I was in the comments section, not settings which makes more sense now that I think about it.

        And both are checked off 🙂

      5. Calico

        I originally said the comments, so I apologize. 🙂

        Did you check both ON or OFF? I’d have them on. 😉

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